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5 Interesting Emerging Technologies

Here are 5 interesting emerging technologies to watch out for in the coming years…

1. Autonomous Things (AuT).

– Things that function and work autonomously without any human intervention or direction. Example: Driver-less cars (self-driving cars) capable of moving safely with very little or no human intervention by sensing its surroundings and environment.

AuT technologies share many common traits, which justify the common notation. They are all based on recent breakthroughs in the domains of (deep) machine learning and artificial intelligence. They all require extensive and prompt regulatory developments to specify the requirements from them and to license and manage their deployment. And they all require unprecedented levels of safety (e.g., automobile safety) and security, to overcome concerns about the potential negative impact of the new technology.

2. Human Augmentation (Multiexperience).

– Integrating Mixed reality (MR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance peoples’ physical and cognitive experiences. Machines react by seeing. The human augmentation market is attracting media because it can let us become “superhumans,” or Human 2.0. With advances in brain-computer interfaces, we are approaching augmented human intelligence. But not all forms of human augmentation technology will grant us “superpowers.”

3. Serverless Computing.

Serverless computing is a cloud computing execution model in which the cloud provider allocates machine resources on demand, taking care of the servers on behalf of their customers. “Serverless” is a misnomer in the sense that servers are still used by cloud service providers to execute code for developers.

AWS offers technologies for running code, managing data, and integrating applications, all without managing servers. Serverless technologies feature automatic scaling, built-in high availability, and a pay-for-use billing model to increase agility and optimize costs. These technologies also eliminate infrastructure management tasks like capacity provisioning and patching, so you can focus on writing code that serves your customers.

4. Hyperautomation.

– Applying advance technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, RPA to automate complex tasks and take automation to a whole new level which can be more impactful than conventional automation methods and capabilities. To put it simply, hyperautomation is the mix of automation technologies and artificial intelligence that, when combined, augment humans’ capabilities, allowing them to complete processes faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors.

5. Edge Computing.

– Distributed computing model, bringing data and computation storage closer to the location where it is really needed to save response time and bandwidth. Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the sources of data. This is expected to improve response times and save bandwidth. It is an architecture rather than a specific technology. It is a topology- and location-sensitive form of distributed computing.

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    Why Do You Need A Website For Your Business?


    Reasons Why Having a Website is a Must

    1. Having a website increases trust and credibility.

    The consumer in the 21st century is very pessimistic; having a well-optimized website can push your credibility as a genuine business.

    With a well-designed website, you can make an excellent first impression on consumers by introducing your business because it counts.

    2. For attracting more customers to your business and making more money, you need a website.

    Having a well-optimized website can be seen on Google Search’s first page. It can attract those customers who weren’t even looking for you. So there is a big chance of new customers bumping into your website.

    81% of people research a business or service online before making a purchase decision. If you don’t have a website, you are missing a significant market share.

    Your website can be available 24/7/365, even if you are not.

    3. It offers social proof.

    Displaying your best testimonials on your website is an effective way to establish trust and social proof. Moreover, publishing your best reviews on your website ensures that third-party review sites don’t minimize the good things people say about your business.

    4. Center of all marketing efforts.

    A website can be the first place potential customers interact with you and learn about your business.

    It can also be where they land last to purchase because they were redirected from an email, a Facebook ad, or an Instagram post.

    Maybe they want to receive your emails, so they visit your site – to sign up.

    Someone driving by your facilities clicks the pin on Google Maps, which directs them to your website with pricing or menu.

    They might have typed your URL into their browser from a physical business card. Or, after watching your YouTube video, they ‘clicked the link in the description below to get a coupon code for your new online course.

    All your marketing efforts, no matter if your business is operating online or offline, should sprout from and lead to your own stunning and informative webpage.

    Campaigns are also easier to manage when everything is interconnected, and the common denominator is a website. So, having a website is a priority and the first step to success.

    5. Having a website means having an edge over competitors.

    Even as a small business, an effective website allows you to compete with your industry’s “big boys.” If you play your cards right and properly optimize your website, it’s possible to outrank bigger websites, and get quality leads organically from search engines.

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    The decision to either create a website for your business or not is ultimately yours to make. However, if part of your business goals is to improve lead generation, visibility, social proof, and authority, creating a website is an excellent place to start.

    Now, if you are no longer questioning whether to make a website for your business or not, then click the below button or fill out the form to contact us, and we will provide you with the best and most well-optimized website.

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